Imam Nawawi’s Collection of 40 Hadith (1-10)

Commentaries on Imam Nawawi’s Forty Hadith

The collection of Forty Hadith by al-Imam al-Nawawi (or Imam Nawawi) has been known, accepted and appreciated by Muslim scholars for the last seven centuries.

Its significance lay in the fact that these selected forty hadiths comprise the main essential and fundamental concepts of Islam which, in turn, construct the minimum level of required revealed knowledge for every single Muslim. Since having good knowledge of the various fundamental aspects of the religion is key to a Muslim’s practice and application of Islam, this web site attempts to provide simple and practical commentaries to the collection of Imam Nawawi’s Forty Hadith.

Various principles are contained in these hadiths, such as belief, Muslim ethics and fiqh. As such, it is very important to have a good understanding of these hadiths based on scholarly interpretations.

In addition, these commentaries also try to offer discussions on related contemporary issues pertaining to certain concepts mentioned in these hadiths.

Hadith # 1 Actions are judged by intentions DOWNLOAD

Hadith # 2 Islam, Iman, Ihsan, Qadar DOWNLOAD

Hadith # 3 The five pillars of Islam DOWNLOAD

Hadith # 4 Creation of human being; Al-Qadar DOWNLOAD

Hadith # 5 Ibadah & Bida’ah (Innovation) DOWNLOAD

Hadith # 6 Purification of the heart DOWNLOAD

Hadith # 7 Nasihah DOWNLOAD

Hadith # 8 The concept of Jihad DOWNLOAD

Hadith # 9 How are obligations to be fulfilled? DOWNLOAD

Hadith # 10 Being pure (at-Tayyib) DOWNLOAD

Hadith # 11 Avoiding doubtful acts DOWNLOAD

Hadith # 12 Being concerned with beneficial matters DOWNLOAD

Hadith # 13 The obligation of loving all Muslims DOWNLOAD

Hadith # 14 The value of human life DOWNLOAD

Hadith # 15 Good manners in speech; behaviour of Muslims towards neighbours/guests


Hadith # 16 Restraining oneself from anger DOWNLOAD

Hadith # 17 The concept of Ihsan DOWNLOAD

Hadith # 18 The concept of Taqwa DOWNLOAD

Hadith # 19 Allah’s Protection DOWNLOAD

Hadith # 20 The concept of Al-Haya’ (modesty) DOWNLOAD

Hadith # 21 The concept of Istiqamah DOWNLOAD

Hadith # 22 Deeds that lead to Paradise DOWNLOAD

Hadith # 23 How to free oneself DOWNLOAD

Hadith # 24 Prohibition of injustice and oppression; seeking Allah’s Guidance


Hadith # 25 Charitable acts I DOWNLOAD

Hadith # 26 Charitable acts II DOWNLOAD

Hadith # 27 Internal Controlling System DOWNLOAD

Hadith # 28 Adhering to the Sunnah DOWNLOAD

Hadith # 29 Deeds that lead to Paradise II DOWNLOAD

Hadith # 30 Transgressing the limits DOWNLOAD

Hadith # 31 The concept of Al-Zuhd (asceticism) in Islam DOWNLOAD

Hadith # 32 Not causing harm DOWNLOAD

Hadith # 33 The plaintiff and the defendant DOWNLOAD

Hadith # 34 The concept of enjoining what is good and discouraging what is evil


Hadith # 35 Evil acts that spoil brotherhood DOWNLOAD

Hadith # 36 The significance of fulfilling the needs of a Muslim DOWNLOAD

Hadith # 37 How deeds are recorded DOWNLOAD

Hadith # 38 The concept of Wilayah (the closer servants of Allah) DOWNLOAD

Hadith # 39 What is pardoned for this ummah DOWNLOAD

Hadith # 40 The Muslim’s attitude towards the worldly life DOWNLOAD

Hadith # 41 Desires to be subservient to Revelation DOWNLOAD

Hadith # 42 Seeking Allah’s Forgiveness DOWNLOAD


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