Establishment of a Halaqah (a study circle), Part (3)


Some Tips on Leaderships Skills for a


What does a Halaqah Coordinator need to know and do?

Following is a list of few ideas and practices that we, as leaders of Halaqas or youth groups, may try to implement gradually to improve ourselves and our work for Allah’s sake.


1.    Be as patient as possible with the participants of your Halaqah. Do not be pushy or critical with any member, unless the member is not conforming to the Halaqah policies. Allah tells us in the Quran, “Indeed, Allah is with those who are Patient (Sabireen).”

2.    Try to be as humble as possible, in your character. There was no one more humble than our own Prophet (peace be upon him), and yet there was no leader greater than him! At the same time you must be firm when it comes to following the concepts of leadership, Shura’ (making decision with consensus), or Ihtisab (accountability).

3.    Check personally when someone is not able to come to the Halaqah gathering.

4.    Personally inform the brother/sister whose place the Halaqah activity/meeting is taking place and make sure that they avoid preparing food, which gives the idea of a party. Refreshments must be casual and simple.

5.    Do not play ‘favorites’ with anyone or make any member feel left out.

6.    Encourage participation and call on everyone to contribute something to the discussion. Learn how to honor people’s feelings and contributions, the way our Prophet (peace be upon him) did!

7.    Observe & encourage their talents and potential for Islamic work!

8.    Learn how to delegate responsibilities. A good leader is not the one who knows how to do everything, but it is the one who knows how to manage the tasks delegated to other members, and who knows how to keep others busy with beneficial activities. So assign some little responsibilities and tasks to every member of your Halaqah, to keep him/her motivated to work for Islam and to give him/her a sense of belonging.

9.    Make sure that each member tries to develop a personal plan of improving as Muslims.

10. Be punctual and organized in everything you do. “Time is like a sword. So cut it (wisely) before it cuts you!” as Imam Ash-Shafiee used to say.

11. Spend some personal time with your members outside of Halaqah activities. Develop a bond of real friendship, love, and trust, to bring them closer to Islam, which is the real purpose of our work! You can only change people through these personal contacts and visits. Imam Ash-Shafiee also used say, “There is no pleasure greater than being together with the people and there is no sorrow greater than parting with them.”

12. Try to be very approachable and considerate so that your Halaqah members can share their secrets with you. They should come to you, without any hesitation, for counseling, for sharing their grief, and problems. You should try to solve their problems and correct their weaknesses, with love and wisdom. Do not forget that every person’s nature and background will be different. Therefore, you should be able to talk to people at the level of their psychology and their understanding/practice of Islam. This is one of the most essential qualities of an Islamic leader.

13. Do not consider your work “youth work” only. “Young Muslims is not youth work, but youth doing the real work!” as Imam Khalid Griggs once advised us. Our work should be linked with activities in the actual Muslim community and the society at large.

14. “The Leader of a Nation is its servant,” said the Prophet (pbuh) in a Hadith. This is the purpose of a Halaqah and it’s leader, in a nutshell! Therefore, in order for you to be a real leader, you have to be an Islamic worker first! [Note: Refer to Part IV of this package to read more on the expectations of a Halaqah Coordinator.]







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