Establishment of a Halaqah (a study circle), Part (4)


A Check List of Do’s and Don’ts

Expectations of a Halaqah Co-coordinator

1.    Try not to cancel a meeting, without a legitimate reason

2.    Make sure every member / participant knows about the time, place, topic of the meeting, 2 days in advance.

3.    Stay in front. Never dwindle into the background during a meeting.

4.    Never discourage participation – unless it does not pertain to the issue at hand.

5.    Try not to be late to the meetings – and if you are, have a backup.

6.    Do not set a system of punishment for being late or absent from a meeting.

7.    Never assume the role of only a leader or coordinator. Be a moderator, tension breaker, and commentator.

8.    Don’t digress, ramble, or sidetrack.

9.    Try to make the Halaqah meeting attractive and interesting to members. Create enthusiasm!

10. Maintain a firm contact with other Halaqah Coordinators to exchange ideas.

11. Never allow foul language / behavior to be tolerated during a meeting.

12. Never set a bad example – people WILL follow.

13. Avoid talking to the group – instead, talk with them.

14. Make them love you and Islam!

15. Never assume the responsibilities of running the group fully on your shoulders – delegate responsibilities.

16. Avoid being in the “Meeting mode” all the time – be conversational.

17. Keep it as youth-oriented as possible.

Expectations of Members / Participants

1.    Respect the decisions of the Halaqah Coordinator.

2.    Never be late to the meetings – call in advance if you expect to be late.

3.    If given a job or duty, do it willingly, for the sake of Allah.

4.    Be attentive and don’t be a passive participant. Try to absorb, reflect, and interact.

5.    Don’t digress, ramble, or sidetrack.

6.    Try to do some study of the topic or verses of the Quran to be discussed at the meeting, before you come.

7.    Take notes on the presentations or study circle to stay focused.

8.    Try to make the other Halaqah participants your true friends and brothers/sisters in Islam

9.    Avoid being disagreeable – “Disagree without being disagreeable.”

10. Don’t speak for the sake of speaking.

11. Inform the Halaqah Coordinator if you are not coming.

12. Try to invite other friends to these Halaqas/study circles. Make a target of 5 people.








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