Establishment of a Halaqah (a study circle), Part (5)


Ideas on a variety of Activities that can be done by Halaqah members:

[Note: You may pick and choose any of the following activities, according to the schedules, circumstances, and interests of your Halaqah members. Much more can be added to this list. A variety and rotation in the types of activities is essential in order to maintain the interest of members and strengthen their bonds.]

·         STUDY CIRCLE: Which should be the main element of your Halaqah activities and should serve to bring about a change in the lives of your members? [Refer to PART VI of this package]


      helping out at a food bank

      shoveling the snow for old people

      visiting hospitals & old-age homes

      Participating in rallies & protests for just causes

      volunteering at an Islamic event

      cleaning up an Islamic center

      Raising funds, through a charity week drive, for the countries where Muslims are suffering

      Helping the homeless during the winter season

      cooperating with the non-Muslim organizations that campaign to raise the awareness of anti-social elements of this society, for example, the awareness of AIDS, drinking, bars, drugs……etc.

      Visiting the jails with a Muslim Chaplain….etc.

      SPORTS TOURNAMENTS/LEAGUES: Once in a month, your Halaqah may have a sports day, instead of a study circle. In summer, you may also arrange two month long Basketball or hockey leagues.

      QUIZ COMPETITIONS: Organize quiz competitions to motivate the Halaqah participants to learn more. They may also participate in the YM on-line quiz comp.

      DAWAH FIELD TRIPS: Go door-to-door or on a street to distribute Da’wah pamphlets and interact with the non-Muslims. It’s a lot of fun!

      EATING OUTSIDE: Once in a while go to the Halaal restaurants, as a group.

      FAMILY PICNICS OR IFTAR PARTIES: These family events serve to introduce the parents of all the Halaqah members, to each other.

      FREE TUTORING: The Halaqah members can tutor each other in any course or profession they may be good at, for e.g. math, biology, web-designing…etc.

      SLEEPOVERS: Serve to strengthen the brotherhood/sisterhood and train the members to become better Islamic workers. Sleepovers should be held at a local Masjid, and may also include some interactive Islamic study sessions, as well as collective voluntary prayers, called Qiyam-al-layl, or Night-vigil prayers.

      PRAYING AT A NEARBY MASJID: Brothers may carpool to a local Masjid to pray together, at least once a week.

      ISLAMIC AUDIO/VISUAL SESSIONS: Halaqah members may watch or listen to an Islamic lecture/documentary and have a discussion on its message.







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