English Translation of Tafsir Ibn kathir

Tafsir Ibn Kathir

Ibn Kathir born in 1302 AD was scholar of History and a mufassir (Qur’an commentator) . He was renowned for his great memory regarding the sayings of Muhammad and the entire Qur’an.

Ibn Kathir wrote a famous commentary of the Qur’an named Tafsir ibn Kathir which linked certain Hadith, or sayings of Muhammad, and sayings of the sahaba to verses of the Qur’an, in explanation. Tafsir Ibn Kathir is famous all over the Muslim world and among Muslims in the Western world, and is one of the most widely used explanations of the Qu’ran today. This site introduces the reader to one of the most Authentic books for explaining the Quran using both Arabic and English text to grasp the understanding of the Quran.


Vol. 1 Ibn – Kathir [1-2]

Vol. 2 Ibn – Kathir [3-8]

Vol. 3 Ibn – Kathir [9 - 18]

Vol. 4 Ibn- Kathir [19-35]

Vol. 5 Ibn- Kathir [36 - 67]

Vol. 6 Ibn – Kathir [69 - 114]

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  1. I am in possession of Ibn Kathir’s Ten Volumes of his Thafseer in English as well as in Arabic. As for Arabic, I obtain the help of a specialised Moulavi for further explanation as the English rendering is abridged.

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