Azkar and Duaa’

Azkar and Duaa’


One comment on “Azkar and Duaa’

  1. hasnane says:

    Asalaamoalaykum warahmatulahi wabarakato

    my dear respected elders and friends please make it a everyday habbit to recite SUBHANALAHI WABI HUMDIHI SUBHANALAHIL AZEEM, for Aallah loves this praise and the reward and fazaail is phenominal please pray atleast 10 times in a day, Aallah is al-qudoos, ar-rahmaan,wa-siul maghfirut inshaallah he will forgive and fulfill, if Aallah gives the whole worlds population the whole universe individually even then not even a mosquitos wings equivilant will there be a shortage in the great almightys treasures.

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