Allâh: The One Who Sent Down the Qur’ân

(Especially for Non-Muslim Readers)

By Dr. Norlain Dindang Mababaya 

(This is an excerpt from the Author’s book “The Divine Message for Mankind”, copyright and published by the Darusalam Publishers and Distributors, Riyadh in 1998.)  

The Qur’ân is the Divine Revelation from Allâh I (Subhanahu wa ta’ala, meaning: the Exalted, Most Glorious), the Only God and Creator of all mankind. Allâh I repeatedly says that He sent down the Qur’ân to us. He had sent it as a source of wisdom, guidance and glad tidings to the believers. He had sent it down also as a warning to the sinners. Allâh I tells us that He was the One Who revealed the Qur’ân:

“To you We sent the Scripture (Book) in truth, confirming the scripture that came before it, and guarding it in safety, so judge between them by what Allâh has revealed, and follow not their vain desires, diverging from the Truth that has come to you.” (5:48)

“And this is a Book which We have sent down, bringing blessings, and confirming (the revelations) which came before it: . . .” (6:92)

“This Qur’ân is not such as can be produced by other than Allâh; on the contrary it is a confirmation of (revelations) that went before it, and a fuller explanation of the Book ¾ wherein there is no doubt ¾ from the Rabb of the Worlds.” (10:37)

“Verily, this is a Revelation from the Rabb of the Worlds. With it came down the Spirit of Faith and Truth to your heart and mind that you may admonish in the perspicuous Arabic tongue.” (10:192-195)

“(This is) a Book with verses basic or fundamental (of established meaning) ¾ further explained in detail ¾  from One Who is Wise and Well-Acquainted (with all things).” (11:1)

“A.L.R.[1] These are the Verses of the Perspicuous Book. We have sent it down as an Arabic Qur’ân in order that you may learn wisdom.” (12:1-2)

“A.L.R. These are the Signs (or Verses) of the Book: that which has been revealed unto you from your Rabb is the Truth; but most men believe not.” (13:1)

“We sent down (the Qur’ân) in Truth, and in Truth has it descended, and We sent you but to give Glad Tidings and to warn (sinners).” (17:105)

“Indeed, We have revealed for you (O mankind!) a Book (the Qur’ân) in which is a Message for you: will you not then understand?” (21:10)

“Say: ‘The (Qur’ân) was sent down by Him Who knows the secret (that is) in the heavens and the earth: Verily, He is Most Forgiving, Most Merciful.'” (25:6)

“The revelation of this Book is from Allâh the Exalted in Power Full of Wisdom. Verily, it is We Who have revealed the Book to you in Truth: so serve Allâh offering Him sincere devotion.” (39:1-2)

“It is Allâh Who has sent down the Book in truth, and the Balance (by which to weigh conduct) …” (42: 17)

“The Revelation of the Book is from Allâh the Exalted in Power, Full of Wisdom.” (46:2)

 “Believe therefore in Allâh and His Messenger and in the Light (this Qur’ân) which We have sent down. And Allâh is well aware with all that you do.” (64:8)

These and many more Qur’ânic verses show Allâh’s Mercy to us. He I guides us to believe that He is the One Who sent the Qur’ân. He I also guides the unbelievers to cast away the doubts they have in their minds. He testifies that Prophet Muhammad r did not write the Qur’ân. It is not the Prophet’s own word. Never did he invent any word in it. Allâh I is the One Who sent it down. He revealed it to His Messenger r through Angel Gabriel for the guidance of mankind. The unlettered (7:157-158 and 62:2) Prophet r believes in Allâh I and His Words (7:158). He I brought the Message as revealed (10:15-16) and never did he invent anything in it (69:43). Allâh I Himself testifies:

“Verily, this is a Revelation from the Creator of the Worlds, With it came down the trustworthy spirit (Angel Gabriel) to your heart (Muhammad), that you may be (one) of the Warners in the perspicuous Arabic tongue.” (26:192-195)

“(This is) the revelation of the Book in which there is no doubt ¾ from the Creator of the Worlds. Or do they say, ‘He (Muhammad) has forged it’? Nay, it is the Truth from your Creator, that you (Muhammad) may warn people to whom no Warner has come before you: in order that they may receive guidance.” (32:2-3)

“It is not the word of a poet, little it is you believe! Nor is it the word of a soothsayer, little admonition it is you receive. (This is) a Message sent down from the Rabb of the Worlds. And if he (Prophet Muhammad) were to invent any sayings in Our name, We should certainly seize him by his right hand, and We should certainly then cut off the artery of his heart. Nor could any of you withhold him (from Our wrath). But verily, this is a Message for the God-fearing. And We certainly know that there are amongst you those that reject (it). But truly (Revelation) is a cause of sorrow for the Unbelievers. But verily it is Truth of assured certainty. So glorify the name of your Rabb Most High. (69:41-52)

The unbelievers, therefore, should acknowledge the truth that the Qur’ân is the pure Word of Allâh I. It is not the word of a poet nor a soothsayer nor the Prophet r. Verily, the Qur’ân is Allâh’s Divine Message to us.

If you are objective and rational, you will find the Qur’ân as, indeed, the Book of Allâh. From the beginning to the end you find Allâh’s clear enlightenment. To reiterate, it is only in the Qur’ân that Allâh enjoins us to seek His refuge from the influence of Satan before reading it. This alone proves that Satan, the Evil One, has no place in the Qur’ân. Allâh I commands:

“When you read the Qur’ân, seek Allâh’s protection from Satan the Rejected One. No authority has he over those who believe and put their trust in their Rabb. His authority is over those only, who take him as patron and who join partners with Allâh.” (16:98-100)

For our own benefit we have to believe that the Qur’ân comes from Allâh I alone. Allâh I stresses that it was not brought down nor inspired by Satan. No one can produce like it, nor falsehood can approach it. After reading the following verses, would you then say that the Qur’ân comes from Satan or from Allâh I the Almighty?

“The Satan did not bring it down. It not meet for them, nor is it in their power.” (26:210-211)

“No falsehood can approach it from before or behind it. It is sent down by One Full of Wisdom, Worthy of all Praise.” (41:42)

“Nor is it the word of an evil spirit accursed.” (81:25)

Furthermore, Allâh I directs us away from evil thoughts and deeds. He reminds us not to let Satan seduce us to follow his way for he is an avowed enemy to us. Allâh the Exalted says:

“O mankind! Eat of what is on earth, lawful and good; and do not follow the footsteps of Satan, for he is to you an avowed enemy. He commands you what is evil and shameful, and that you should say of Allâh that of which you have no knowledge.” (2:168-169)

“O you children of Adam! Let not Satan seduce you, in the same manner as he got your parents out of the garden, stripping them of their raiment, to expose their shame, for he and his tribe see you from a position where you cannot see them. We made the Satan’s friends (only) to those who believe not. (7:27)

O you who believe! Follow not Satan’s footsteps. If any will follow the footsteps of Satan, he will (but) command what is shameful and wrong. And were it not for the grace and mercy of Allâh on you, not one of you would ever have been pure. But Allâh does purify whom He pleases, and Allâh is One Who hears and knows (all things). (24: 21)

“Verily, Satan is an enemy to you, so treat him as an enemy. He only invites his adherents, that they may become companions of the Blazing Fire.” (35: 6)

The Qur’ân makes it clear that Allâh is our Guardian Rabb (Cherisher and Sustainer)
(2:21-22) and Protector (2:257). It guides us to seek Allâh’s protection from the influence of Satan. The following Ayât guide us to be God-fearing:

“If a suggestion from Satan assails your (mind), seek refuge with Allâh; for He hears and knows (all things). Those who fear Allâh, when a thought of evil from Satan assaults them, bring Allâh to remembrance, when verily, they see (aright)!” (7: 200-201)

“And if (at any time) an incitement to discord is made to you by the Satan, seek refuge in Allâh. He is the One Who hears and knows all things.” (41:36)

We have to avoid Satan by all means. Allâh I reminds us that Satan makes promises only to deceive us. Satan only wants us to go astray. He does nothing but harms us. Those who take Satan as a friend will surely dwell in Hell. Allâh the Almighty tells us:

“Satan threatens you with poverty and orders you to conduct unseemly. Allâh promises you His forgiveness and bounties. And Allâh cares for all and He knows all things.” (2:268)

“…Whoever forsaking Allâh, takes Satan for a friend, has surely suffered a loss that is manifest. Satan makes promises for them, and arouses in them false desires; but Satan’s promises are nothing but deception. They (his dupes) will have their dwelling in Hell, and from it they will find no way of escape.” (4:119-121)

“And (remember) when Satan made their (sinful) acts seem alluring to them, and said: ‘No one among men can overcome you this day, while I am near to you.’ But when the two forces came in sight of each other, he turned on his heels and said, ‘Verily, I am clear of you! Verily, I see what you see not. Verily, I fear Allâh, for Allâh is strict in punishment.'” (8:48)

We should, therefore, seek Allâh’s help and guidance and turn to Him as our Guardian Rabb and Protector. If we believe in His Book, we will surely attain righteousness that will lead us to Paradise (19:60-63). This we should believe because Allâh’s promise is true and sure (10:4). His promise is the truth; no one’s word can be truer than His word (4:122).

We should believe and accept that the Qur’ân is the Truth from Allâh I (22:54). Satan, the evil one, has no place in it. As a Book of Divine Guidance, the Qur’ân stresses that it is a Message for people who would truly worship Allâh I (21:106). It enjoins us to worship no one but Allâh I. True prayer is due to Him alone (13:14). The Qur’ân starts and ends with the glorification and prayer to Allâh I that He will protect us from Evil (1:1-7). Allâh I guides us to seek His protection from any influence of the Evil or of Satan that may come from the Jinn (invisible evil spirits) and among human beings (Chapters 113 and 114). All these prove that Satan has nothing to do with the Qur’an. The Qur’an is the Book of Allâh
I. Our only Creator Allâh
I sent down the Qur’ân to His Messenger r for the guidance of the whole mankind.

[1] A.L.R. is one of the “abbreviated letters” prefixed in some verses of the Qur’ân. Only Allâh knows its meaning (3:7).


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