Test Yourself

Fasting (Siyam) Questions

Q1. Who celebrates Ramadan?

Q2. When is Ramadan?

Q3. What is the derivation of “Ramadan”?

Q4. How did Ramadan begin?

Q5. How is Ramadan celebrated?

Q6. Why do Muslims fast during Ramadan?

Q7. What does the Quran say about Ramadan?

Q8. How and when does Ramadan end?

Q9. Do we have to fast?

Q10. Why do we fast?

Q11. What is so special about Ramadan?

Q12. Some people abstain only from food, drinks, and intercourse from dawn till dusk in Ramadan without abstaining from evil talk and wrong doings; is there fasting correct?

Q13. Can I take a bath or a shower or dip in water while fasting?

Q14. If I eat or drink out of forgetfulness, does that void my fasting?

Q15. If I vomit unintentionally (without forcing myself), does that void my fasting?

Q16. Can I use eye drops and Kuhul while fasting?

Q17. Can I use ear drops while fasting?

Q18. Can I take an injection while fasting?

Q19. Can I wash my mouth and nose during Wudu’ (ablution)?

Q20. Does bleeding of the mouth and gum void my fasting?

Q21. Can I use Miswak to clean my teeth while fasting?

Q22. Can I brush my teeth with toothpaste?

Q23. Can I swallow my saliva while fasting?

Q24. Can I swallow the food pieces stuck between my teeth while fasting?

Q25. Can a woman nurse (breast-feed) her baby while fasting?

Q26. Would my fasting be void if I had a wet dream while sleeping during the daytime of Ramadan?

Q27. If I ate Sahur thinking it was not Fajr time yet or ate Iftar thinking it was already sunset, does that void my fasting?

Q28. Would it void my fasting if I swallow something unintentionally or something out of my control such as flies or dust?

Q29. If a man and his wife had an intercourse at night, do they have to take a bath before Fajr?

Q30. Would kissing one’s spouse void the fasting?

Q31. How long after sunset should I wait to eat Iftar?

Q32. Do I have to eat Sahur and how long before Fajr do I have to stop eating?

Q33. What is the difference between Sahur and Suhur?

Q34. What is the best way of eating Iftar?

Q35. What do I say when I eat Iftar?

Q36. Can I taste the grapes before buying them during the daytime while fasting?

Q37. Can a woman chew food for her baby while fasting?

Q38. Can I chew gum while fasting?

Q39. Can a woman fast during her monthly period or confinement period after giving birth?

Q40. If I intended not to fast a day in Ramadan for some reason then I woke up and decided to fast, would my fasting be void?

Q41. Would my fasting be void if I cut my fingers or feet and bleed?

Q42. Do I have to break my fast if I am traveling?

Q43. What is the distance of traveling and what is the means?

Q44. If a woman is pregnant or nursing a baby, does she have to fast?

Q45. If a person has Asthma, does using the inhaler void the fast?







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